come, add

The possibilities
are endless

In PPG Asian Paints you witness a world weaved out of infinite colours presenting to you infinite possibilities. Every person who joins us is a new colour that gets added to the company. We understand the uniqueness of each colour and likewise appreciate the value that each individual brings to the table.

PPG Asian Paints embodies the association of two behemoths in the coating industry known for excelling in what they do. We are a young organization blessed with the wisdom by the virtue of our illustrious lineage. This unique blend enables us to settle for nothing but the best in every journey that we embark upon. Consistent delivery, quality service and innovation are wired into our DNA.

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Customer focused

  • - Understand customer needs and the market environment
  • - Always act with our customers in mind
  • - Proactively provide value added solutions with speed and agility

Challenge the status quo

  • - Focus on the future and identify opportunities
  • - Question the norm and drive improvements
  • - Take accountability for decisions, actions and results

Collaborate across boundaries

  • - Communicate and listen constructively and openly
  • - Work to reach consensus in the best interests of PPG
  • - Freely ask and offer help to support each other

Different colours of
PPG Asian Paints


Aijaz Siddiqui Industrial Coatings

My experience at PPG Asian Paints has been truly wonderful. Mutual trust and respect among colleagues are some of the key attributes that every employee practices. Co-operation over-writes competition in every field of play. Everyone works towards a common objective of meeting organizational goals. There is a very high focus on team building and employee development. We are led by a strong leadership team, which I think is half the battle won.


Anil Gurav Automotive Coatings

I have had a wonderful experience at PPG Asian Paints during more than last 15 years' tenure. I have received very good opportunities to work at various locations and positions. I started my career as Customer Service Executive. Thereafter, got multiple opportunities to contribute at different positions. Every assignment brought with it opportunities to elevate myself, enrich my knowledge and deliver to customer in a better way. I look forward to grow further to become a successful leader.


Sanvi Nirgun Technology

It’s been ten wonderful years since I started my career at PPG Asian Paints. I’ve learned that at this company, progress doesn’t stand still. PPG Asian Paints has allowed me to develop my skills to meet the needs of the ever-changing industry. While working on different projects, I’ve been inspired to do more, which was the driving force I needed for achieving new goals. I am thankful to the company for providing me with opportunities for self-development which shaped my career in the most constructive way.


Priti Kharkar Supply Chain

It has been a great journey working at PPG Asian Paints for the past 12 years. I’ve seen a lot of changes take place in terms of the structure, processes, strategies and culture, and they have all been done to foster the growth of the company and build a healthy environment for employees. I feel proud to be a part of PPG Asian Paints. For me, it feels like less of an organization and more of a family.
-Vasudev Kutumbhakam


Suresh Thakur Finance & Accounting

The last 9 years here have been an exciting journey. Exposure to varied roles and action packed assignments have been driving factors for me to learn and grow. The working culture has helped accelerate my learning process and encouraged me to think along the lines of Process Improvement. I have always had opportunities and challenges beyond the current role and my career progression has been quite impressive.


We at PPG Asian Paints take the extra effort to ensure that the association of employee with the company is truly rewarding in all aspects. Our philosophy of rewards not only consists of best in class monetary benefits but it transcends to realm of competitive benefits programs, which rewards our employees in a holistic manner.

When it comes to learning and development, we believe in being ahead of the curve at any given point of time. This aspiration of ours is successfully supported by our learning and developments initiatives. We believe in institutionalizing learning opportunities by integrating individual development needs with organizational business objectives. We invest passionately in development at all levels and nurturing talent for the future.

Apart from this, we not only offer a wide canvas for the passionate but also provide a palette of colours in form of diverse opportunities to paint our employees’ career. The sheer number of success stories stands testimony for the fact that the avenues for growth are immense for the people who are driven and the ones with a sense of purpose.

innovation at
PPG Asian Paints

At PPG Asian Paints, we offer an environment, which is conducive for self-motivated professionals to grow and excel. Our company is known to develop leaders of tomorrow and we continue to invest in developing individuals to take up greater responsibilities. We foster an atmosphere of innovation where every individual has the autonomy to work in the best interest of the company.