Since PPG Asian Paint’s inception, sustainable operations have been a hallmark of who we are and how we do business. We strive to develop and execute Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) programs that ensure our processes are as safe and efficient as possible. We are committed to using resources efficiently to conserve the environment. The company’s EHS policy guides the way we manufacture, market and distribute our products worldwide in such a manner that it protects our people, neighbours, customers and the environment.

Through PPG Asian Paint’s global EHS management system, we ensure consistent execution of our EHS standards as well as set sustainable goals in India. This system also enables us to track our progress at every location and business level and has resulted in the company being ISO 14001:2015 certified for environmental management systems

Through the years, we’ve continued making progress towards our environmental sustainability goals, including the reduction of greenhouse gases. For many of our goals, we measure the intensity rather than absolute numbers which results in a year-to-year variation in production volume and company growth.

Our efforts extend beyond operations and encompass the development of innovative products that provide environmental benefits. Each product undergoes scrutiny, ensuring it complies with PPG Asian Paint’s requirements and Indian regulations.

PPG Asian Paints channels the power of employees to volunteer and meet the needs of our local communities. We actively engage with all stakeholders to ensure we are meeting their expectations and help them understand our commitment to corporate citizenship and sustainability.