When it comes to coating solutions for new-build shipyards, PPG Asian Paints is the market frontrunner. We deliver tailor-made protective coating products with unrivalled performances to address ever-evolving sea conditions and environments. One of our most trusted brands is Sigma Coatings.

We work closely with our global customer base to get a better understanding of their requirements and can thus deliver effective solutions. Through this approach, we have been able to develop market-leading marine coatings using sustainable advances and innovations to maximize our customers’ return on investment. Our global operations and trusted products enable us to anticipate and meet the challenges of the worldwide coatings industry, making us a reliable business partner.

PPG Asian Paints Marine Coatings are meant for new-build vessels, dry dock situations, inland marine applications and maintenance done at sea. We employ break-through technology, eliminating slime problems and boosting fuel savings. This improves operational effectiveness and profitability of the vessel.

Our Product Offerings in this segment:

Anti-Fouling and Fouling Release Coatings

There are many variables involved in the operation of a ship such as fuel cost, operational activity, ship speed, freight rates and slow steaming that require a multitude of decisions to be made for optimizing the performance of the vessel.
One such decision is choosing the right antifouling product for the ship during new-build or dry dock application. In order to provide an optimal solution for different scenarios, PPG Asian Paints offers the various categories of anti-foulings, which are grouped around specific performance characteristics. These are designed to simplify the decision-making process. Some of the categories include Instant Low Friction, Fuel Saver, Performance Based and Basic.

Dry Dock

Ships are substantial assets, but their value declines with age and normal wear and tear in a highly corrosive marine environment. A well-maintained vessel is more attractive on the charter market and also commands a better price. All our dry dock products are designed to help increase both the lifetime of a vessel and the productivity at the shipyard. Apart from this, it prevents steel from returning to its original oxidized state, slows the rate of decline in vessel value and retains the ship’s aesthetic beauty.

Inland Marine

The long service lifetime of inland marine vessels means that it is vital to perform well-planned maintenance with coatings that have been specifically designed for these particular-operating conditions. As market leaders in this segment, our varied portfolio of robust products are proven to be excellent.

New Build Vessels

PPG Asian Paints aims to reduce the operational costs of the owner’s investment in a new vessel. We do this with our specialist range of new build products that help in reducing costs while giving it maximum corrosion protection and increasing the lifetime of the vessel.


The challenging needs of the offshore industry have been a focus for us for many years. These demanding requirements are particularly well met with our excellent protective coatings, which give us a package of fit-for-purpose solutions of world-class quality.

Sea Stock

PPG Asian Paints offers the most progressive and innovative clearcoats in the industry. They are formulated to exude a world-class finish with excellent appearance and durability as demanded by consumers today. Our range of clearcoats qualify to meet and exceed the most demanding OEM quality and performance specifications, including one component (1K), two component (2K), matte finish and scratch resistance.

Water Ballast Tank Coatings

Water ballast tanks (WBT) constitute the single largest surface area on a vessel covering more than 50% of the total coated surface for merchant vessels. Block stage, during new-build is one of the few occasions during the lifetime of the vessel to install the right coating system and ensure correct application. Therefore, it is imperative that the applied coating delivers high performance standards in service and facilitates quality of application while offering productivity to the shipyard.
The WBT coating that sits between the steel and the seawater, for as long as the lifetime of the vessel, is specified at 320 microns dry-film thickness and is as thin as two sheets of printed paper. Two-component epoxy coatings are the main products used today. PPG Asian Paints has the expertise and a proven track record of formulating heavy-duty epoxy coatings that successfully meet the above requirements.