The global automotive industry is being challenged to produce the best in class vehicles with lower total cost and higher performance in more countries than ever before. Choosing the right coatings supplier is crucial to balancing the needs of designing a vehicle with increased fuel economy, reduced emissions, greater durability and improved color while meeting cost and global capability targets.

PPG Asian Paints offers a portfolio of innovative technologies for all coatings on the vehicle - pretreatment, electrocoat, primer, basecoat, clearcoat, adhesives, sealants, liquid applied sound deadeners and specialty products. The products include chemistries designed for the latest in lightweight materials including carbon fiber, aluminum, magnesium and mixed metal vehicles.

We offer prime benefits like:


Providing excellent service support executed through in-house state-of-the-art R&D centres and PPG’s International Colour Development and Application centres.


Providing advanced R&D laboratories in multiple locations in India to carry out developmental activities which are in line with growing market trends and ever changing customer tastes.


Providing services that match International standards and conducting product quality and productivity programs jointly with our customers.

Our Product Offerings in this segment:

Body Coatings: Pretreatment Chemicals, Cathodic Electrocoat, Primers, Solid Monocoats, Solid and Metallic BaseCoats, High Performance Clearcoats.

Plastic Coatings: Pretreatment Chemicals, Primers for TPO/PP, ABS/Nylon, 2K Solid Monocoat, 1K Basecoat, 2K Clearcoat.


The increased use of aluminum and composite materials requires advances in adhesive development that can effectively join dissimilar materials. These joints require increased use of crash resistant structural adhesives that stiffen load-bearing components. PPG Asian Paints remains committed to continued development of innovative solutions for these low curing sealers and adhesives. We also offer ultra-low-density sealants that improve light weighting and hem sealers for improved corrosion protection. Our underbody coatings improve the vehicle’s durability and our anti-chip coatings help to protect the vehicle’s decorative layers from road debris.


PPG Asian Paints is a leader in offering the most advanced and innovative Basecoats in the automotive industry. Our Basecoats are specially designed to produce the deep vibrant colors and superior appearance expected by today’s sophisticated consumers. We offer a full range of Basecoats capable of meeting and exceeding the most demanding OEM quality and performance specifications, including solvent borne, waterborne and our proprietary ANDARO® pigments.


PPG Asian Paints’ offers the most progressive and innovative clearcoats in the industry. They are formulated to exude a world-class finish with excellent appearance and durability as demanded by consumers today. Our range of clearcoats qualify to meet and exceed the most demanding OEM quality and performance specifications, including one component (1K), two component (2K), matte finish and scratch resistance.

Our Product Offerings in this segment:

  • Enhanced Performance 1K Clearcoats


PPG Asian Paints has a Compact Paint System to match virtually any topcoat technology currently being used in automotive manufacturing facilities – B1:B2™ and 3C1B, in water or solvent versions. Our award-winning technology allows customers to reduce VOC emissions as well as decrease energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions. It also lowers initial capital and operating cost by eliminating the need for a standalone primer and associated processing.

Our Product Offerings in this segment:



PPG Asian Paints has introduced the first cationic electrocoat for automotive use. Apart from this, our award-winning lead-free, low-VOC and high throwpower technologies are recognized for providing exceptional corrosion resistant topcoat materials. These throwpower coatings feature superior salt spray, cyclic corrosion resistance and provide a smooth, defect-free film that enables world class topcoat finishes. Our cathodic epoxy electrocoat products serve as the benchmark for primer performance in the automotive industry.

Our Product Offerings in this segment:

    • Enviro-Prime®EPIC
    • Enviro-Prime®7000
    • Enviro-Prime®2010
    • Enviro-Prime®2000
    • Enviro-Prime®NT
    • Enviro-Prime®6CPU / 7CPU
    • Enviro-Prime®Lead-Free
    • Powercron®EPIC
    • Powercron®6000CX
    • Powercron®6100


Metal Pretreatments provide the foundation for industrial paint finishes. They add value by reacting with metal surface to impart coatings that improve paint adhesion and corrosion performance.PPGAP offers an integral total finish solution that meets industry specifications ,allowing single point of contact for confidence and accountability. Our range includes ambient temperature and low-sludge products.

Our Product Offerings in this segment:

  • CHEMFOS® Iron phosphates
  • CHEMFOS® Zinc phosphates
  • ZIRCOBOND® Nano Pretreatment
  • ULTRAGUARD Ambient Temperature Cleaner Coater
  • ULTRAX Ambient Temperature Cleaner


PPG Asian Paints is a leading global provider of decorative coatings for the automotive industry, with a focus on developing more environmentally friendly products. We supply an entire product line of clearcoats, basecoats, and primers using two different technologies – medium solid primer and high solid primer. Our solvent-borne primers have been setting the industry standard for decades, offering excellent smoothness and good chip protection. They are robust and can be used in a wide variety of application conditions and paint layering compatibilities.