At PPG Asian Paints, we have combined our global expertise and developed innovative technology to enable us to become the leading player in the Indian market. We have a complete range of products that caters to all kinds of refinishing needs right from metal preparation to final polishing.

We are proud to have the most advanced Waterborne Basecoat systems in our product portfolio viz. Envirobase High Performance and Aquabase Plus. We also have ultra-efficient solvent borne basecoat systems such as 2K Nexa Autocolor and Deltron Global Refinish System which suit virtually any refinishing application. In the economy PU category, our brands include Bilux, ACS, and Enza which are high-performance yet affordable coatings.

Lastly, ASPA is an iconic alkyd brand which enjoys an enviable position in the marketplace. In addition to selling products, PPG Asian Paints is also a pioneer in providing Structured Service Packages and offers world-class training in the Auto Refinish industry.

What you get with PPG Asian Paints:

Training: PPG Asian Paints recognises that technical skill is a key factor to getting the best out of our products. We provide world-class training to impart the best practices to customers and ensure their success. The training needs are identified after conducting proper audits to measure performance, productivity, safety standards and other relevant factors in the respective body shop.

A well-balanced curriculum combines theory and practical product knowledge, as well as refinishing techniques, troubleshooting, speciality finish repair and colour matching. Additionally, there are four state-of-art CARE (Centre for Auto Refinishing Excellence) Centres in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai.

OEM Approved Products: PPG Asian Paints has more OEM approvals than any other paint manufacturer in India. We are the preferred paint supplier/service provider to hundreds of clients and remain a partner they can trust for consistent world-class finishes. Our partnerships help us to set trends for future automotive finishes, deliver new colours, prime and variants before others do.

Software Support to Business: Online support through the following software:

  • Paint Manager: To help paint technicians quickly find the targeted formulation for exteriors, bumpers and under-hood colours in one place.

  • Colour Help Desk: A colour help-line that’s operational from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

  • Online Colour Formulae: This global online database of colours updates continuously 24X7 with the latest color formula information for domestic and import vehicles. Users have instant access to a color database of more than 2 million formulations covering all PPG Asian Paints Brands.

Automotive Refinish Brands

For automotive refinish brands, durability is by far the most important factor that consumers look for. PPG Asia Paints offers long-lasting, fast-curing, scratch-resistant coatings that are widely preferred due to their ability to keep the vehicle looking new for longer. We follow stringent VOC legislation policies and develop sustainable technologies to ensure that both our solvent-based and waterborne coatings are environment friendly.

PPG Asian Paints’ Bodyshop and Trade business lines offer body and paintwork repair through various OEM Certified Collision Centres as well as B-Class workshops around the country. From minor scratches to major dents, these innovative brands cater to every budget, without compromising on quality or sustainability:

Our Product Offerings in this segment:

  • ACS
  • ENZA
  • ASPA

Aquabase Plus is the world’s first waterborne basecoat technology that was launched in the year 1992. The system offers the latest, next-generation technology to deliver technical excellence and high performance. It is an industry-leading, environmentally progressive solution for accurate repair of original finishes without sacrificing process efficiency.

  • The beauty of Non-Stir Technology – Innovative microgel ‘anti-settle’ technology contributes to the impressive results Aquabase Plus provides. Its acrylic waterborne latex resin does not allow the paint to settle in the container due to its unique Rheology.

  • Precise Colour Alignment – The paint provides superior colour matches for vehicles having solid, metallic and 2 and 3 stage pearl colours. It is easy to apply and blend while its chromatic toners offer superb matching with only two or three coats.

  • Enhanced Productivity – Aquabase Plus assists with a variety of operational goals including superior process times, efficient inventory.


Envirobase® High Performance represents the 3rd generation advancement in innovative Waterborne Technology. It is a premium quality turnkey solution for collision centres that can benefit from a simple, easy-to-use system offering maximum throughput with globally accepted OEM approvals. Envirobase® HP is environmentally progressive and offers cutting edge pigments for outstanding colour accuracy, first class opacity for excellent coverage and lower marginal usage along with easy blending and aluminium control. Its anti-settle tint technology assures toner stability and a long shelf-life.

  • Maximized Throughput – The system enhances cycle times through a variety of ways. It offers minimal basecoat flash times and fast clears which speed up the application process. It also helps achieve correct colour matches on the first try and provides tighter blends.

  • Easy to Work With – It offers a simple and fast application technique & excellent colour matching capability.

  • Enhanced Productivity – Aquabase Plus assists with a variety of operational goals including superior process times, efficient inventory management, reduced waste and profitability.


2K Nexa Autocolor is one of the world’s leading refinish brands and India’s first 2-pack premium Polyurethane paint. It is recognized among end users, distributors and industry influencers for delivering high quality products and services that are ideal for high production Collision Centres.

    Excellent Colour Consistency – The product offers exceptional colour consistency, opacity, high gloss and superb coverage.

  • Ease of Use – 2K Nexa Autocolor is easy to apply which makes it perfect for collision centres driven by productivity and efficiency goals.

  • Reduced Cycle Times – The quick processes involved in application enables process excellence and increased efficiency.

  • Higher Profits – It is designed to profit body shops and refinishers that employ skilled painters and seek the latest innovations.

  • Spectral Grey Primers – This is specially formulated in 5 spectral grey Primers giving the collision repair technicians the complete range needed to match today’s emerging translucent colours. All our colour formulations specify the optimal SG shade of undercoat which can be retrieved from any of our colour formulae retrieval tools.


Deltron Global Refinish System is premium 2-pack polyurethane based automotive refinishing system. It provides full range of easy to use products and solutions that covers every conceivable need from start to finish.

  • Excellent Colour Matching – Being available in more than 80,000 shades, Deltron GRS has an enormous range of colours for custom-shade work.

  • Reduced Inventory and Increased Throughput – The same set of thinners and hardeners are to be used for all tint-able shades. Also, lesser number of clears are needed, resulting in flexibility of use, reduced inventory and higher revenue.


Although Polyurethane (PU) paints have a number of advantages over Alkyd and Nitrocellulose paints, its high cost made it inaccessible to a segment of consumers who wanted the same look and feel as that of PU paints for less. To cater to this need, PPG Asian Paints introduced Bilux, now a leader in the economy PU segment and the fastest growing brand in the Indian refinish market. After doing a study on the work conditions at garages, understanding the needs of consumers and paint technicians under varied climatic conditions in the country, Bilux was launched to provide enhanced value-for-money. It is available in a myriad of tinters to match virtually any shade and is available in customised factory pack for bulk requirements.

  • Fast-drying – Its fast-drying property prevents dust accumulation on the surface of the vehicle.

  • Perfect Colour Matching – Thousands of tinters are available at present and more are being added every year, ensuring flawless colour matching for all requirements.

  • Invisible finish - Offers perfect coverage so that it’s impossible to distinguish previous damage once the coating has been applied.


ACS is one of PPG Asian Paints’ most reputed international brands and is known for consistently delivering value to its customers. The product, ACS Ultra Clear, is a high solid clear coat that gives the surface a ‘super-wet’ appearance. It is extremely versatile and is ideal for garages looking to provide high quality services at a reasonable cost to the customer.

  • Super Wet Look

  • Highly Durable

  • Superior Flow & Leveling


The relatively high cost of Eco PU posed a hurdle to users who wished to upgrade from alkyd paint to polyurethane paint (PU). PPG Asian Paints identified this gap and introduced Enza in the emerging low cost PU segment for commercial transport. The brand is well known for its USP – “Dries Faster, Shines Brighter.” Enza provides superior coverage which reduces reworking and also has a wide range of product primers, primer-surfacers and clear coats. It works well on commercial vehicles such as taxis, auto rickshaws, light commercial vehicles and dumpers.

  • Touch Dry – Enza dries in only 10 minutes, resulting in less catchment of dust and dirt on the vehicle’s surface.

  • High Gloss – When measured on the glossometer, Enza’s reading is greater than 90 which means it offers a superior shine.

  • 10 shades – Available in more than 10 solid shades.


Aspa Supreme is the latest addition in the alkyd PU segment. This PPG Asian Paints product has more than 50 ready shades. It is a two-pack, ready-to-use paint for the B class segment. Comparatively, it has a faster drying time than products in its category. It can be applied to all vehicles, refrigerators and industrial machinery.

  • Superb Flow and Levelling – This result in smoother coats with fewer imperfections and better surface appearances.

  • Tough, durable film – Best in its class durability due to PU modification.


ASPA, PPG Asian Paints’ oldest brand in the automotive paint category has been the market leader ever since its launch in 1973. This Alkyd based automotive paint is available in factory pack solid colours and metallic tinting systems. ASPA offers superb flow and levelling as well as a tough durable film. It can be applied to all vehicles, refrigerators and industrial machinery. ASPA is available through a mixing rack, which makes it easy for dealers to get about 100 different shades by means of a base and tinter.

The different products under ASPA are ASPA Synthetic Automotive Paint Solids, ASPA Synthetic Automotive Paint Metallics, ASPA High Gloss Clear and ASPA Thinner.

  • More than 150 solid shades – with unmatched coverage, quick drying and easy colour matching.

  • 24 Metallic shades available – with high gloss levels and good DOI.

  • Superb flow and levelling – This results in smoother coats with fewer imperfections and better surface appearances.


At PPG Asian Paints, we use the term ‘Paint Adjacencies’ for all the non-paint consumable products and equipment that are used at various stages of bodyshop operations. In terms of equipment, the choice of application technology not only contributes to quality, but also has a huge impact on overall business performance – reducing cycle times and ensuring optimum consumption. Our aim is to become a one-stop solutions provider for all bodyshop needs and eliminate the requirement for multiple vendors. To achieve this, we have strategically partnered with globally renowned companies having OEM approvals.

Our Product Offerings in this segment:

  • Norton
  • Diversey
  • Dynabrade
  • Sagola & SATA

Norton is a world-class company with a comprehensive range of abrasives and innovative accessories for B&P operation. We offer abrasives, masking as well as polishing product ranges, which are all approved by various OEMs.


Sealed Air Diversey is our manufacturing partner for a car-care range of products. We have approvals from a few major OEMs on washing and detailing products that are 100% biodegradable.


We have the best-in-class equipment from Dynabrade in pneumatic power tools range, which optimizes dust free sanding and polishing.


Your choice of application technology not only contributes to quality, it can actually have a dramatic effect on overall Business performance.


The Light Industrial market is as vast as it is diverse. It can range from screws and paperclips to bridge cranes, garage doors, agricultural equipment and windmills. PPG Asian Paints have developed an innovative coating technology with specific performance characteristics to get the job done efficiently and with superior coating performance. Our extensive range of light industrial coatings suits virtually any application, substrate and budget. The products include single pack and two-pack coatings, as well as a wide choice of colour. All our innovative patented products are designed to be forgiving & easy to apply even on large & complex substrates while meeting the local VOC regulations.

Commercial Transport Segment

At PPG Asian Paints we offer the highest quality paint systems, process efficiency and services to the commercial vehicle industry in India. We have a separate team dedicatedly handling key customers in this segment.

PPG Asian Paints’ long expertise in coating, and privileged relationships with commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleet owners, combined with a passion for cutting-edge technology development with the help from local R&D Lab. From this passion, PPG develops and delivers market leading paint system for fleet customers. We have many versatile ranges of products designed specifically for commercial vehicles. It meets the most demanding requirements for gloss, performance and process efficiency.

Whatever your requirement is, PPG Asian Paints always offers the most efficient and appropriate solution for any type of Commercial Transport Vehicle and through any kind of process application.

Colour Help Desk